What's A Meat Meal?

We do not believe that the use of diseased animals or animals that died otherwise than by slaughter to make animal food poses a safety concern.

FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine Director
Meal, it sounds like a good thing. Who doesn’t like a good meal?

Unfortunately, that’s not the meal found in the ingredients of your dog’s food. That one aligns with the second definition: a product resembling seed meal, especially in particle size or texture

Still, nothing too alarming there. It doesn’t exactly give you the same visual as the packaging with a fresh t-bone straight from the local butcher, but that just marketing, nothing bad, right?

That is until you learn that the FDA definition of a meat meal can include diseased, dead, or dying animals.


Despite the gag reflex you may have just experienced, meals are a cheap way to boost the protein levels in food. So they are used. A lot. And by a lot we mean almost everywhere.

So much for a good meal…

The good news: The processing of a meal kills all of the no-so-pleasant stuff that is generally found in dead and diseased flesh. All of the leftover bits and pieces of animals from sometimes questionable sources are processed together under high heat and then dehydrated to create a dry powdery substance that as Webster’s Dictionary suggests, resembles seed meal in particle size and texture.

The bad news: The multiple rounds of intense incineration and rendering also remove a ton of the good stuff as well. As we said, using meals is a way to raise protein content. The problem is that meals lower protein digestibility drastically. So, that extra protein becomes null and void and goes undigested by your pup. At best it adds a bit more weight to the poop bag. Gross.

The best news: Buckley never uses meals, just fresh meat and quality ingredients, which is why our protein content, digestibility, palatability and packaging are off the charts… Actually, the packaging is because of our graphic designer, but you get the idea.

Meet Meat.

Buckley Only Uses Fresh Meat. No Meal.