Boulder Colorado
Meet Ben & Baso

It all started, as most things do, with a wedding. Ben and his then girlfriend Amy got hitched and decided that the best wedding gift they could give to each other was little ball of fur a.k.a. Baso. As Ben put it, "(Baso) was beyond cute, and one of the sweetest pups I’d ever been around. His energy level was insane though and he literally required 2-3hrs of run time per day his first few years." Luckily for Baso, he’d found a brother in adventure with Ben, and luckily for these two pals, they live in a place like Boulder, CO, where there’s no shortage of ways to get outside and burn off some energy. "He's a bit old now for mountain biking, but (Baso) used to rip on the trail. Now we prefer hiking together and he’s turned into a great fly fishing companion."

Since the age of seven, Ben has been out on the creeks and rivers of Colorado, fly fishing with his dad. He says “Being outside is wildly healing and an essential to maintaining balance for me,” and clearly the same goes for Baso, who is always ready to make a mad dash for the truck whenever Ben says those magical words: “do you wanna go?” Together, they’ve made tracks all over the state, and we’re sure that there are still many adventures to come