About Us

About Us

There are two reasons we don’t source our products from far away places where safety and quality take a back seat to profits: (1) most pet treat companies already do this and we’re not followers, and (2) we would not feed sketchy treats to our own dogs, and neither would you.

Short supply chains, human-grade ingredients and HACCP certified production (that’s code for high quality) don’t have to be expensive. We developed Buckley jerky so dog parents from all walks of life have access to the best treats available. And while your dog is enjoying our tasty snacks, someone in America has a job because of it. Seems like a win-win to us.

Please live our motto along with us and Sniff out the facts, Snack on quality and always Smile together.


Sniff The Facts

Assuming your dog treats are safe doesn’t make it so. Please sniff out the facts and ask questions about ingredients and country of origin. Take a lesson from your dog and do some digging. You might be surprised by what you find.

Snack on Quality

There is no substitution for product quality or safety and your dog should only snack on treats that deliver both. 100% USA sourced and made Buckley treats are the perfect place to start.

Smile Together

Happiness is knowing your pet can enjoy safe and tasty American made treats. We smile just thinking about your smiles.