Our Dog Told Us To Do It

Dog’s sniff. It’s cool, even if sometimes it’s not the most appropriate. Noses tend to end up in places that aren’t socially acceptable, but you learn a lot about people and things by sticking your nose where it wasn’t expected. Just ask your dog.
That’s how we used to feel about our dog’s food options. We questioned ingredients. We questioned ethics. We questioned sources. We stuck our nose into places that it was not expected, and we sniffed out some disturbing things.

The more we took our dog’s lead and followed our nose, the more we saw that we were being lied to and sold a bunch of waste products. The only thing we had to show was a pup with an upset belly. Like a 2×4 to the head, an opportunity to do something different hit us. After all, we couldn’t be the only ones who cared more about what was in our dog’s food, not on the bag. There had to be others like us, and well, here you are.

Buckley was founded to bring transparency to the ingredients and nutrition in your dog’s bowl. We believe that if you’re not proud of the ingredients in your bag, then you shouldn’t put them in there. 

So hop on, join the team and let’s all stick our noses where they weren’t expected.