The Best Damn Dog Treats.

Fresh Meat. No Meat Meal. USA Made.

We believe that if you’re not proud of the ingredients in your bag, then you shouldn’t put them in there.

Healthy Natural Ingredients

Buckley puts the fun in FUNction

Usually, when things are good for you they aren’t very fun. Broccoli, working out, going to the dentist… Not fun. Same goes for your dog. Remember the last time you had to con them into taking a pill? Buckley makes the functional fun with Functional Jerky. Available in Hip & Joint and Skin & Coat recipes, packed with flavor and protein. Never has being good been so easy.

Food Recommender

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Our Dog Treat Varieties

Keep the tails wagging

The tail wag. That unmistakable sign of appreciation and happiness. Unfortunately, you don’t have a tail which makes it hard for your dog to know when you are happy with them. Lucky for both of you Buckley makes treats so you can show them exactly how happy you are. Whether you are training a new pup, teaching a new trick or just saying “good dog,” Buckley has the perfect treats to show how much you would wag your tail if you had one.

Who doesn't love a little jerky?

It has been a go-to for everyone from Lewis and Clark to weekend warriors. Now you can bring that flavor-packed protein to your dog’s adventures with Buckley Jerky Treats. Each piece of our USA made, limited ingredient jerky is free of artificial colors and rendered byproducts. Treat well and adventure on.

Sit. Stay. Fetch me a latte.

There’s no end to what you can teach your dog to do with Buckley Trainers. Never before has so much rewarding flavor been packed into less than four calories. Our moist B-shaped treats say job well done in a satisfying guilt-free way. Bacon, salmon, chicken and peanut butter flavors please even the pickiest of pallets and makes learning easy.

Good dogs love a little crunch

Ruff Puffs’ low-calorie crunch is the perfect way to say “good dog.” Our three tasty flavors are light, fluffy and human-grade, so be a good human and your dog might share.