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June 23, 2017

Summertime Staycations With Your Buckley Pet

Dog-Friendly Places You Can Take Your Pup This Summer

Summer’s officially here! There are plenty of things going on, so why not build your outings around the dogs? Whether it’s opting for staycations, hitting the trails, or finding a pet-friendly hotel, bringing your dog can be easy with a bit of planning. You'll be pleasantly surprised with where you end up…. And lucky for your pup, we’ve got a few new flavors for them to try on your next adventure.

Washington native, Will, for instance, took his two dogs Sissy and Arthur to a furr-iendly eatery and ale house in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, Norm’s (named after the owner’s dog). The walls are adorned with portraits of pups, the couches are worn from years of canine cuddle piles, and you’ll find they have a menu made especially for dogs. The best part is Norm’s is almost always filled with other furry friends.

Find more places like Norm’s by checking out online services like, that make finding places to stay, play and eat with your dog easy. If you’re looking for an adventure out of the city, also try websites like and Stay tuned for more tips on traveling with your pets on next month’s blog...

Try our new Rotisserie Chicken Ruff Puffs and Bacon Trainers today! Whatever you're doing, don't forget to bring along your pup's favorite Buckley treats.

November 02, 2016

Monty_ PB_Trainers
We know your pups love our treats - your Instagram feed tells us so! But we still love hearing from you and reading just how much our treats have bettered your pups life.
Like Monty and Addie here:
I found a bag of your Trainers Peanut Butter flavor today, and they're perfect.
He's a little picky, and it's so hard to find a training treat that's peanut butter WITHOUT chicken in the list of ingredients bc he starts to itch with chicken.
Plus they're grain free, soft, no wheat, corn or soy; it's every single thing I was looking for in a training treat. 
Thanks for making such an awesome, healthy, and tasty treat, I'll be ordering some soon - Monty loves them! :)
Thank you, Addie, for sharing with us how our grain free trainers tuned into your little Monty’s specific needs and wants! We’re beyond happy to accommodate small details that, all too often, get over-looked. 
If you have some stories about our treats and trainers that you’d like to share, please send them, and pictures, to

August 26, 2016

Vacations are the best, right?! You're away from home, surrounded by new things, smelling new, unfamiliar smells/butts…. That all sounds great if you’re a human, but that’s not always the case for our furry family members. Making sure your next trip is enjoyable by everyone is easy when you follow our Doggie Vaycay checklist:

  1. Bed from Home: Who doesn’t love coming home to their own bed after a long day of exploring? Bring along their bed for a little scent of home and they’ll curl right up.

  1. Favorite Toy: Kind of like if you forget your child's favorite bear, blanket, or binky; remembering your dog’s favorite playtime toy will be a great comfort tool while jumping from place to place or help while they’re missing you while you’re on dog-restricted adventures.

  1. Buckley Treats: Rewarding, sometimes over-rewarding your pup, on vacation is never a bad thing. Let them know how good they’re handing changes and it will only reinforce their positive behavior. And with Buckley treats, skip the guilt knowing that their positive reinforcement is also healthy.

June 24, 2016


Buckley Pet ProductsNothing says “Happy Fourth of July” like knowing your treats are 100% made in the good ‘ol US of A. That’s why you should include our top picks of Buckley treats in your pup’s festivity goodies! From sunny BBQs and lounging by the pool to firework shows and sparkler dancing, 4th of July is one of the best holidays of the year. Make sure to have some extra dog treats on hand to help calm them down during all the commotion or as a reward for their best tricks. From jerky to our new Ruff Puffs, Buckley offers an array of flavors to keep every tail wagging!

While you smother your hot dog in mustard and relish, relax knowing your pup is enjoying guilt-free treats. Buckley’s new Ruff Puffs are a mere 4 calories per puff, and trust us, they’re as delicious as they look.Buckley Pet Products - Ruff Puffs

We take pride in providing not only our own pets with the best treats but sharing them with you as well!

Happy 4th of July!


June 21, 2016

Nothing calls to us during the warmer summer months more than the outdoors and we love to bring our dogs along with us. In addition to packing their food and favorite toys, it’s important to bring plenty of water and if they’re not getting enough, to be aware of the signs.

We’ve compiled a checklist of signs to keep an eye out for while enjoying the summer heat:

  • Skin: Lack of elasticity. Just like our skin, it can indicate when Our body is low on water. Pinch the skin on their neck and see how quickly it bounces back. If the skin is dry and slow to recover, this may be a sign of dehydration.

  • Gums: Sticky or dry. When a dog hasn’t had enough water, their saliva becomes increasingly sticky and thick. This sticky saliva can build up on the sides of their mouth and your dog may have trouble swallowing it.
  • Urine: Without enough liquids in the body, your dog will not pee as often and their urine may appear very dark.
  • Demeanor: Very lethargic, visibly tired
  • Stomach: Vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite
  • Feet: Wobbly and unsteady
  • Lungs: Excessive panting.

    When you’re sure your pet is in good shape, after and even during your adventures, be sure to reward their hard work with Buckley treats!

    May 06, 2016

    Watch these dogs embrace their maternal instinct this Mother's Day.
    1. The foxes and the hound.
    These three must've missed the memo and the movie - and thankfully so. Who doesn't love an ironic love story with a happy ending?
    2. One by one.
    Part of being a mom is knowing how and where to raise your family and making the necessary changes to ensure everyone's safety.
    3. Dog of another color.
    When these kittens came in orphaned and alone, Molly didn't miss a beat in adding them to her already large litter of 7.
    4. Second set of eyes.
    Like most human mom's, this motherly mutt saves her pup while trying to cross the street after clearly not looking both ways!
    5. Reunited.

    We all miss our moms, sometimes, but for the most part puppies never see them again after being adopted. Thats why this mom and pup duo wagged their tales right into our hearts.


    April 16, 2016

    Get inspired to splish and splash this spring with these puddle loving pups!
    1. Alfie the Springer Spaniel
    Over the centuries, most dogs have become hybrids of many dogs, giving them the features and traits we know and love today. While Alfie looks to be a springer spaniel mix, he may have some sort of aquatic heritage as well--as this recently acquired footage shows.
    2.  Blame it On the Rain  
    There’s something so pure and simple about playing in the rain, and this video proves that whether human or dog, the enjoyment is the same.
    3. Nothing Like a Mud Bath
    We go to fancy spas and pay for expensive mud baths, while our dogs just find the nearest, deepest, nastiest puddle and roll around. Maybe your next mud bath should be in your own backyard?  
    4. Puddle Play

    We’re not sure who had more fun at the park this day: the three border collies running through puddles to catch a ball, or their owner who filmed and edited this video. Either way, it’s entertaining and we are into it.

    5. Dog Dives in Slow-mo

    Lots of things look better in super slow-mo, and that includes videos of dogs jumping into swimming pools and diving after balls. As a bonus, you can download this song via a link in the description.

      March 22, 2016

      It’s not just us humans who feel the pull of spring fever, our dogs feel it too! Between playing in the mud and digging holes in the yard, to throwing the frisbee and teaching your dog parkour, there are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the changing seasons. Let these videos from The 5 inspire you and your pup this spring.

      1. Disc-o Dog

      The world must be a happy place for this frisbee-fetching border collie as he tracks down throws from all angles. As much as he loves catching disc, he probably loves getting rewarded with some tasty treats even more. Maybe we’re not so different after all?  

      2. The Joy of Mud

      By how hard Maggie is playing in the mud and by how much fun she’s obviously having, you know she just got done getting a bath. And while this video reminds us of hippos bathing in the mud, we’re just hoping Maggie and her owner didn’t drive to the park.

      3. Holes 2: Featuring Dogs Everywhere

      What is it dogs are digging for? Do they know something we don’t?  Regardless if it’s with purpose or not, they sure do love to dig some holes. Now if we could just train them to weed the garden, make a sand castle, or at the very least--replace their divots, we’d be set.

      4. Parkour Puppy

      No matter what you’re doing, your dog just wants to do it with you, even if that’s parkour. After watching this video of Alex and Jumpy flying around in slow motion, we’re not sure who is having more fun. Do you think other dogs watch Jumpy and wish they could do what he’s doing?  

      5. Backyard Frollicking

      Being outside is something we all can enjoy, but sometimes it’s hard to get motivated. These pitbull puppies know it’s the first step that’s the scariest. But conquering that leap leads to all sorts of possibilities, like frollicking in the grass, discovering new smells, and attacking shoelaces.

      February 02, 2016

      From sending out tribute tennis balls and military dog-owner reunions, to husky poodle street buds, and rescued pit bulls, these stories really pulled at our heartstrings this week and helped to remind us why we love our pups so much.

      1. Tennis Balls for Everyone

        In a touching tribute to his best friend, Everything, a man sends out tennis balls to strangers all over the world. 

        2. Military Reunions 

        Any time we see a military dog reunite with their owner, it’s a very special sight to witness. Here are the top 10 reunions, prepare to shed some tears of joy.

        3. New Wheels and a Second Shot at Life No matter how many legs they have or how bad off they are, dogs have the ability to always look on the bright side. Seeing this happy dog with a new set of hind-wheels put a smile on our faces.

        4. Husky Poodle Street Buds 

        From homeless street dog pals, to the verge of adoption, this story is a real roller coaster of emotions. We hope for a positive ending. Read the full story here.

        5. Rescue Pit’s First Bath

        Thanks to an unwelcome stereotype, many pit bulls have a hard time finding new homes. If this video of a rescue pit’s first bath doesn’t show how far a little love can go, nothing can.


        January 05, 2016

        1. Where Style & Function Collide
        We love seeing brands that go beyond function and connect us with our pets to our lifestyle. Wolfgang Man & Beast is one of those brands and we thought that you would appreciate the concept of being able to share your style with your dog whether they are attached at your hip or not, from the dog park to the office the style transcends.

        2. Document Everything Hands & Paws Free
        When you are playing in the outdoors with your best friend, keep your hands free with this GoPro harness made specifically for dogs! 

        3. Fine Leather Goods for Our Finest Friends
        Fine craftsmanship does not have to be limited to two legged beings and the fine folks at Tanner Goods have taken certainly figured it out. Check out their selection of Canine wears and accessories. Shop Tanner Goods Canine Collection.

        4. Sidecar Motorcycles for Your Pup
        Riding “bitch” has never been taken so literally as it could be when it comes to transportation and your dog! If you’re looking to explore the wide open roads via motorcycle, consider your sidecar motorcycle options! Check out Ural Motorcycles and prepare for your adventure!

        5. Even The Little Ones Love Adventure
        Even our littlest furry friends like adventure and if you have one in your life you know how challenging it can be to include them. This bag solution from Timbuk2 is so simple yet probably the most functional one we’ve seen yet. Check out the Timbuk2 "Muttmover" for yourself!