February 02, 2016

February 02, 2016

From sending out tribute tennis balls and military dog-owner reunions, to husky poodle street buds, and rescued pit bulls, these stories really pulled at our heartstrings this week and helped to remind us why we love our pups so much.

1. Tennis Balls for Everyone

    In a touching tribute to his best friend, Everything, a man sends out tennis balls to strangers all over the world. 

    2. Military Reunions 

    Any time we see a military dog reunite with their owner, it’s a very special sight to witness. Here are the top 10 reunions, prepare to shed some tears of joy.

    3. New Wheels and a Second Shot at Life No matter how many legs they have or how bad off they are, dogs have the ability to always look on the bright side. Seeing this happy dog with a new set of hind-wheels put a smile on our faces.

    4. Husky Poodle Street Buds 

    From homeless street dog pals, to the verge of adoption, this story is a real roller coaster of emotions. We hope for a positive ending. Read the full story here.

    5. Rescue Pit’s First Bath

    Thanks to an unwelcome stereotype, many pit bulls have a hard time finding new homes. If this video of a rescue pit’s first bath doesn’t show how far a little love can go, nothing can.