January 05, 2016

1. Where Style & Function Collide
We love seeing brands that go beyond function and connect us with our pets to our lifestyle. Wolfgang Man & Beast is one of those brands and we thought that you would appreciate the concept of being able to share your style with your dog whether they are attached at your hip or not, from the dog park to the office the style transcends.

2. Document Everything Hands & Paws Free
When you are playing in the outdoors with your best friend, keep your hands free with this GoPro harness made specifically for dogs! 

3. Fine Leather Goods for Our Finest Friends
Fine craftsmanship does not have to be limited to two legged beings and the fine folks at Tanner Goods have taken certainly figured it out. Check out their selection of Canine wears and accessories. Shop Tanner Goods Canine Collection.

4. Sidecar Motorcycles for Your Pup
Riding “bitch” has never been taken so literally as it could be when it comes to transportation and your dog! If you’re looking to explore the wide open roads via motorcycle, consider your sidecar motorcycle options! Check out Ural Motorcycles and prepare for your adventure!

5. Even The Little Ones Love Adventure
Even our littlest furry friends like adventure and if you have one in your life you know how challenging it can be to include them. This bag solution from Timbuk2 is so simple yet probably the most functional one we’ve seen yet. Check out the Timbuk2 "Muttmover" for yourself!