December 11, 2015

December 13, 2015

1. Yoda Bear the Norwegian Elkhound
Yoda Bear is living the life and knows what it means to get after it! He gets to call a snowbound cabin in the middle of the woods his home. This little Norwegian elkhound lives the life we all imagine.

2. Sita | Meet Cornice, a Jackson Hole Avalanche Dog
Sita is arguably one of the cutest dogs on the internet, but she is also one of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's rescue dogs. With an their acute sense of smell, and natural desire to want to work, the role of an avalanche dog is an important support role to any ski patrol, Read more about Sita & the Jackson Hole Rescue Dogs.

3. Missing Iditarod Sled Dog, Makes 300+ Mile Journey To Find Way Home
Talk about an incredible story of determination and love. May, was lost in the Iditarod race when her team got tangled with another and she got scared and fled. "She traveled several times from Rohn to Nikolai, all the way up the Dalzell Gorge, up the Alaska Range to the other side, through Rainy Pass, across Shell Lake; she was spotted multiple times in Skwentna," Smith said. Grab some tissues and check out the full story about May, her journey and rescue. Read about the long journey home.

4. Nothing Beats A Dog Who Skis
DPS Cinematic Shadow Campaign series, Sun Dog is an award-winning short film that follows a man and his dog as they go skiing in a winter wonderland.

5. Ski Patrol Dogs of Snowmass
Meet Gray, Piper and Caleb…the four legged members of the Snowmass Ski Patrol handled by Nathan Garfield, Dan Berg and Susan “Mouse” Carollo.