November 12, 2015



We all rescue dogs for a different reason besides wanting to help them out. Whenever you take responsibility for another life it is a big decision. Many of us look to our pets for companionship, help, or even just a reason to get up in the morning. Theron Humphrey paints a vivid picture with his camera of the different reasons that people get up in the morning with his intimate photography of people who adopt in Why We Rescue.


Cancer is tough, and dogs help us get through the rough spots. Denali is a story told in the first person by Denali, Ben Moon's dog who went through the tough times with him and is essentially a memorial to Denali. Beautifully shot and touching, watching this video made more than a couple people in our office cry.


Genghis, aka Desert Dawg and his companion, Ace Kvale are legends. They just recently went on a 60 day walkabout throughout the desert canyons of Utah, exploring the terrain and occasionally sharing the trail with some of Ace's friends along the way. If you're interested in the things that Desert Dawg carries on his adventures, take a look.


We all know them... Our friends that have the most incredible adventures you only see through well curated pictures on social media. Brendan from gives you a step by step guide to crafting that image effortlessly.


Renan Ozturk is a Boulder (sometimes) based climber and artist. Newly famous due to his recent ascent of a climb called Meru that is now associated with a major motion picture documenting his team's ascent. We think he is an incredible artist and that you should look at his work here. He also has a super cute pup.