Summertime Staycations With Your Buckley Pet

Summertime Staycations With Your Buckley Pet


Dog-Friendly Places You Can Take Your Pup This Summer

Summer’s officially here! There are plenty of things going on, so why not build your outings around the dogs? Whether it’s opting for staycations, hitting the trails, or finding a pet-friendly hotel, bringing your dog can be easy with a bit of planning. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with where you end up. And lucky for your pup, we’ve got a few new flavors for them to try on your next adventure.

Washington native, Will, for instance, took his two dogs Sissy and Arthur to a furr-iendly eatery and ale house in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, Norm’s (named after the owner’s dog). The walls are adorned with portraits of pups, the couches are worn from years of canine cuddle piles, and you’ll find they have a menu made especially for dogs. The best part is Norm’s is almost always filled with other furry friends.

Find more places like Norm’s by checking out online services like, that make finding places to stay, play and eat with your dog easy. If you’re looking for an adventure out of the city, also try websites like and Stay tuned for more tips on traveling with your pets on next month’s blog…

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