Spring Fling – 5 Videos of Dogs Celebrating the Season

It’s not just us humans who feel the pull of spring fever, our dogs feel it too! Between playing in the mud and digging holes in the yard, to throwing the frisbee and teaching your dog parkour, there are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the changing seasons. Let these videos from The 5 inspire you and your pup this spring.

1. Disc-o Dog


The world must be a happy place for this frisbee-fetching border collie as he tracks down throws from all angles. As much as he loves catching disc, he probably loves getting rewarded with some tasty treats even more. Maybe we’re not so different after all?  

2. The Joy of Mud

By how hard Maggie is playing in the mud and by how much fun she’s obviously having, you know she just got done getting a bath. And while this video reminds us of hippos bathing in the mud, we’re just hoping Maggie and her owner didn’t drive to the park.

3. Holes 2: Featuring Dogs Everywhere

What is it dogs are digging for? Do they know something we don’t?  Regardless if it’s with purpose or not, they sure do love to dig some holes. Now if we could just train them to weed the garden, make a sand castle, or at the very least–replace their divots, we’d be set.

4. Parkour Puppy

No matter what you’re doing, your dog just wants to do it with you, even if that’s parkour. After watching this video of Alex and Jumpy flying around in slow motion, we’re not sure who is having more fun. Do you think other dogs watch Jumpy and wish they could do what he’s doing?

5. Backyard Frollicking

Being outside is something we all can enjoy, but sometimes it’s hard to get motivated. These pitbull puppies know it’s the first step that’s the scariest. But conquering that leap leads to all sorts of possibilities, like frollicking in the grass, discovering new smells, and attacking shoelaces.