Puddle Pups – 5 Videos of Dogs Loving Water

Get inspired to splish and splash this spring with these puddle loving pups!

1. Alfie the Springer Spaniel

Over the centuries, most dogs have become hybrids of many dogs, giving them the features and traits we know and love today. While Alfie looks to be a springer spaniel mix, he may have some sort of aquatic heritage as well–as this recently acquired footage shows.

2. Blame it On the Rain

There’s something so pure and simple about playing in the rain, and this video proves that whether human or dog, the enjoyment is the same.

3. Nothing Like a Mud Bath

We go to fancy spas and pay for expensive mud baths, while our dogs just find the nearest, deepest, nastiest puddle and roll around. Maybe your next mud bath should be in your own backyard?

4. Puddle Play

We’re not sure who had more fun at the park this day: the three border collies running through puddles to catch a ball, or their owner who filmed and edited this video. Either way, it’s entertaining and we are into it.

5. Dog Dives in Slow-mo

Lots of things look better in super slow-mo, and that includes videos of dogs jumping into swimming pools and diving after balls. As a bonus, you can download this song via a link in the description.