Motherly Mutts – Dogs on Mother’s Day

Watch these dogs embrace their maternal instinct this Mother’s Day.
1. The foxes and the hound.
These three must’ve missed the memo and the movie – and thankfully so. Who doesn’t love an ironic love story with a happy ending?
2. One by one.
Part of being a mom is knowing how and where to raise your family and making the necessary changes to ensure everyone’s safety.
3. Dog of another color.
When these kittens came in orphaned and alone, Molly didn’t miss a beat in adding them to her already large litter of 7.
4. Second set of eyes.
Like most human mom’s, this motherly mutt saves her pup while trying to cross the street after clearly not looking both ways!
5. Reunited.

We all miss our moms, sometimes, but for the most part puppies never see them again after being adopted. Thats why this mom and pup duo wagged their tales right into our hearts.