Make Your Vacation, Their Vacation!

Vacations with Dogs – Make Your Vacation, Their Vacation!

Vacations are the best, right?! You’re away from home, surrounded by new things, smelling new, unfamiliar smells/butts. That all sounds great if you’re a human, but that’s not always the case for our furry family members. Making sure your next trip is enjoyable by everyone is easy when you follow our Doggie Vaycay checklist:

  1. Bed from Home: Who doesn’t love coming home to their own bed after a long day of exploring? Bring along their bed for a little scent of home and they’ll curl right up.

  1. Favorite Toy: Kind of like if you forget your child’s favorite bear, blanket, or binky; remembering your dog’s favorite playtime toy will be a great comfort tool while jumping from place to place or help while they’re missing you while you’re on dog-restricted adventures.

  1. Buckley Treats: Rewarding, sometimes over-rewarding your pup, on vacation is never a bad thing. Let them know how good they’re handing changes and it will only reinforce their positive behavior. And with Buckley treats, skip the guilt knowing that their positive reinforcement is also healthy.