DIY Dog Toys

DIY Dog Toys

If you’re a dog owner, you’re probably aware that having a dog isn’t cheap. From quality dog food, to surprise vet visits, our furry friend often cost us a pretty penny. Dog toys can also end up costing you (especially if your dog tears through one or two a week), so we want to share a few easy projects using old T-shirts that are durable, easy, and that you can do yourself!

Braided T-Shirt with Ball.

This is a favorite of ours. All you need is an old t-shirt and a tennis ball.

  1. First, grab your tennis ball and carefully make a hole about an inch in diameter on opposite ends of the tennis ball (so you can see through the ball to the other side). An Exacto-knife is a good tool for this – but remember to be careful cutting – those things are sharp!
  2. Grab an old t-Shirt and flatten it out in front of you. Carefully cut three 4-5 inch strips lengthwise from your t-shirt.
  3. With all the of strips lying lengthwise, knot the three strips together at one end. Braid the strips together until you get to the end. Before knotting the other end of the braid, slide your ball onto the braid.
  4. Secure the ball by knotting the other end of the braid.

That’s it! You and your pup now have a new favorite tug and fetch toy. Prepare yourself for hours of fun!

DIY T-Shirt Ball

For this project, you’re only going to need a ball (a tennis ball is ideal), two large strips of fabric, a long small strip of fabric, and a pair of Scissors.

  1. First, carefully cut the fabric into two large strips about 5 to 6 inches wide and the length of the t-shirt.
  2. Lay the two pieces of large fabric in an X formation and place the ball in the center.
  3. Pull the fabric around the ball and use the small piece of fabric to secure the ball inside the fabric. Cut the small piece of fabric down so there isn’t excess hanging off the toy. You can use the excess small fabric to tie the ends of the braids.
  4. Cut the large sections of fabric into three even strips.starting from the bottom to the base of the ball.  
  5. Braid each section tightly. The tighter the better because it’s harder for dogs to chew through. After the section is braided, use the remaining small piece of fabric to tie the ends of the braids.

There you have it! Now your pup has more than a ball, they have a ball with legs!

The Four-Legged Friend

A four-legged friend for our four-legged friend? Yes, please! This one is perfect for a pup to play tug of war or a chew on with a few playmates.

  1. Start with cutting six strips of cloth in three different colors. Preferably 5 inches wide and the shirt’s length from neck to bottom.
  2. Braid each set of three and knot them at each end to hold the braid in place. The tighter the better!  
  3. Bend the braids in the middle and then tie them together at the bend.
  4. Knot the two braids together in the center.

Voila! You have a brand new (and very durable) toy for your furry four-legged friend!

 There you have it! You don’t need money to give your dog the coolest new toys, just lots of old t-shirts! If you get a chance to make one of these toys, be sure to share with us on social using our #buckleypet hashtag! We would love to see how your dog likes them!

 ***Also, don’t forget that October is Adopt-A-Dog month and we’re pretty sure there are plenty of furry friends in need of a home and some homemade toys! Even if you’re not in the position to adopt right now, consider making some of these toys and donating them. Stop by your local animal shelter to learn how you can get involved!