Adopt-A-Dog Month: 4 Tails of Adoption

Adopt-A-Dog Month: 4 Tails of Adoption

Sometimes all you need is a second chance. When you adopt, you’re saving a life and opening up room in shelters for other pets in need. To celebrate Adopt-A-Dog Month in October, we are sharing the ups and downs of adoption from the perspective of four families.  

Chelle, Clint, and Buckley Pet Ambassadors Whitley, Alfie, and Morrie from Inwood, WV.

 “We always wanted to adopt but also had a specific breed in mind so it sounded awesome for us to rescue our favorite breed. We have three Jack Russell Terriers, two of them are rescues. Whitley is a rescue (he was from a puppy mill and then given to us by his first owner who said she didn’t have time for him). When we got him, he was skin and bones, timid, and very independent. He’s been with us for over a year now and his personality has completely morphed into the way that we love him. He is now a snuggle bug, playful, and just has a wonderful zest for life. Our oldest dog, Alfie was severely abused. We were told that he was locked in a crate, muzzled, and then stuffed in a closet for many years. When he got to us, he was terrified of windows going down, brooms, and the sound of traffic. It took a lot of time and patience to teach him that our hands were for love and that what he was experiencing in his life now was normal and nothing to be scared of. There were tough times with both of our rescues even though Alfie was the hardest. We know he counts on us to give him happiness for the rest of his life. Be patient, very patient and just give love – all a dog really wants in life is love.”

 Leah and Buckley Pet Sachi from Seattle, WA.

“If you buy a purebred puppy from a breeder there’s no guarantee that it’s personality/style will match yours. Every dog is different and is going to have different needs. If you go to a shelter, you at least have the opportunity to look at/interact with adult dogs to get an idea of their personality and energy level and decide if that dog would fit your lifestyle. I knew that I wanted a pit bull or pit mix and there are so many of them in rescues and shelters waiting for a forever home that it was not hard to find the kind of dog I was looking for (on the smaller side, housebroken, etc) without going to a breeder. I met and played with a few dogs at the shelter before finding Sachi, the one I ended up taking home. I saw Sachi in a kennel and thought she was cute so I decided to take her out to the field and throw a tennis ball for her to fetch.  When she brought the ball back, instead of dropping it for me to throw again, she laid down in my lap with it and was much more interested in me than playing fetch. How could I say no to that?!

Ronnie and Buckley Pet Chloe from Salem, OR.

“Chloe is a big, beautiful dog. She is actually a Staffordshire Terrier mixed with boxer. People are drawn to her personality, probably the smile and the way she dances when she meets people. I call it “puppying”. She can be very protective but not aggressive. Three years ago my first grandchild came along and Chloe loves that little girl. I became convinced that all Chloe needed to make her life happier was to have a kid to call her own. We now have a two-year-old at home who adores her and they are inseparable. It never occurred to me to buy a dog because there are so many dogs out there who needed a home. Who’s to say that a purebred puppy is going to match your personality or lifestyle any better than a sweet dog who has never experienced the joy of a fur-ever home? The joy Chloe has brought to me and to the family is much greater than any of the difficulties we have had. When a great big dog climbs into your lap and tries to curl up like a lap dog, you know they love and trust you. They are finally experiencing love and joy for the first time in a long time.”

 Emily, Miles, and Buckley Pet Lady Bird from San Francisco, CA.

“We love dogs and initially wanted a Golden Retriever or Aussie, but after our friends had positive dog adoption stories, we widened our scope to other breeds that were available in shelters. We both grew up with purebred dogs but agree that rescue mutts are just as, if not more, awesome and deserve a second shot at life. When I first saw Lady Bird (she was Birdie back then) she was crying and trying to shove her face through the gap in her pen to lick me. I was first on the waiting list to meet with her, and she ran out into the meeting area wiggling, soft, and full of personality. You know your rescue dog is yours when you can’t imagine living another second of your life without them! The first few months were a perfect storm with everything from giardia to kennel cough and even her sucking the ink out of a ballpoint pen. It felt like we were living with a coyote. Since then, her personality has bloomed and she’s transformed into a furry potato dog that thinks she’s a Shih Tzu. With lots of work, my boyfriend and I have learned when to give her space and what works to nix her bad behavior. She loves small children, peanuts, yogurt, and has claimed all our dirty socks as her babies.”

Thank you to all our Buckley Pets and their humans for sharing their stories with us. Tune into our social accounts for more adoption stories throughout the rest of Adopt-A-Dog month!