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USDA Human Grade Meat. No Rendered "Meat" Meals. Affordable For Everyone.

Fresh Meat. No Meat Meal. USA Made.

We believe that if you’re not proud of the ingredients in your bag, then you shouldn’t put them in there.

Fresh Meat. No Meals. USA Made. You're Welcome.

If A Meat Meal Was Really Meat, Why Do They Call It A Meal?

All Buckley Liberty Food is made with only fresh meat because fresh is best. Rendered “meat” meals are full of mystery ingredients, including diseased animal products. According to the FDA, “We do not believe that the use of diseased animals or animals that died otherwise than by slaughter to make animal food poses a safety concern.” Yikes!

Protein Is Lost Without Great Digestibility

Protein is an equation, not a number. Dog food companies are required to report the percent protein on the bag, but this number doesn’t account for protein lost through processing and digestion. Buckley Liberty Fresh averages over 90% protein digestibility. That means that the benefits of the high protein content end up in your dog’s belly, not the poop bag. Denatured “meat” meals reduce digestibility making it harder for your dog to get the nutrition they need. Shiny coat, lean muscle and healthy weight, way better than heavy poop bags.

Less Money For Photoshoots.
More For Fresh Meat!

The beautifully aged rack of lamb on the bag is a lie, so is the porterhouse steak. The chicken breasts on the side, lies too. If the food contains “meat” meals and not fresh meat, these images are misleading. Dogs don’t care what is on the bag, they care what’s in it.

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